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Alternate Routes

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Who We Are

We're the outdoor retailer your mother warned you about.

We love taking detours.

Give us all the winding rivers and rugged singletracks. That campfire smell. Those routes meant to be covered by foot, board, or bike. We’re all about outdoor adventure, quality gear, mediocre beards, and helping you explore your own alternate routes way out there (picture us pointing to some place super far away).

We work hard at having fun.

We’re veteran-owned and operated with roots extending from coast to coast. We work hard, play harder, draw our energy from dad jokes, and get outside at every chance. Today we thrive in the outdoor paradise surrounding our headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. The Colorado River, Lake Mead, and Red Rock Canyon form our playground. And we love to play.

We're on a mission.

We don't usually take ourselves too seriously, but we're hyper-focused on our mission of giving back to heroes in need. 10% of every purchase, every day is donated to various non-profit partners working tirelessly in support of military veterans and their families. 

We're all about getting you outdoors.

This is where camping meets paddleboarding meets biking meets hiking and more. So many things meeting. We believe prices don't have to be steep, and newcomers don't have to feel intimidated. No matter your experience level, we'll connect you with your passions and have some fun doing it. Because no one frowns while riding a bike or paddleboarding. Unless you do, but that's just weird.

We love what we do and we’d love to get you into it too. Ready to join the journey?

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