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Supporting Heroes Every Day

Supporting Heroes Every Day

As we approach a new year, far too many Americans still face a long, steep road to recovery from the events of 2020. Among those struggling are heroes to whom our company remains forever connected -- military veterans and their families. Men, women, and children who have sacrificed much, often for little in return. We're unsettled by this reality, to say the least.

The lingering distress around us demands a greater response. In keeping with our pursuit to leverage this business for greater good, I'm pleased to share our next step.

Beginning today, an ongoing 10% of all sales will be given to trusted non-profit organizations working tirelessly to support the veteran community during these unique times. Every purchase, every day will help provide critical aid to heroes in need. To start, through January 31 we will donate to The PenFed Foundation. You can learn more about their ever important work by visiting We'll continue to introduce new non-profit recipients as well throughout the year.

We're embracing this commitment seriously and after much consideration. The fact is young retail startups like ours do not yet enjoy the more favorable financial positions of larger established brands. To put it bluntly, many would say giving 10% away at our stage is too great a risk for the business. We however believe that withholding resources, especially now, would conflict with our founding principles. So we're pressing forward and joining in the mission.

Our 10% might be only a drop in the bucket today, but drops add up to make a difference. It's a starting point, not the goal, and clearly there is much more work to be done. Challenge accepted.

Whether you've already trusted us for your outdoor gear fix, or we've yet to serve you, I hope you'll join us on the journey.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year ahead. Here's to riding, gliding, striding, and giving together in 2021.

Onward and Outward,

Jordan Caro
Owner & Founder
Alternate Routes